Indie Music Review: Manilow “Cease and Desist” EP

The south London trio, known as Manilow is a post punk, alternative, power pop band…got all that? Good! The group has recently self-released a four track debut EP, “Cease and Desist”. From beginning to the very last song, Manilow displays their musicianship and wordsmith skills in songs about real life problems wrapped in non stop, fast paced music. Manilow’s lyrics pull from real life experiences, realism and raw emotion are the lead singer and lyricist Dean Morton’s preferences…..keeping it true to life is important, no pretense just to sell music. The band’s music and live performances have been compared to Sonic Youth, Wire and Bauhaus etc..

The one curious thing about the band is the cover of the EP…a glamour shot of a speed boat in an apparent chase, maybe from the Coast Guard? Its a picture that brings the 80’s show Miami Vice to mind…I haven’t read any explanation sooo, maybe it was just a whim.

The four tracks on the EP are… Missing, Law Here, Control Issues and Vitamins in an energetic display, the four songs reveal the bands desire not to be pigeonholed, into just alternative, punk, goth or power pop.

Manilow’s band members are Dean Morton (lead vocals, Guitar,songwriting) Paul Chamberlain on bass, keyboards and background vocals, Gary Cardno (drums, percussion and additional vocals.) The band explores varied themes and subtext within the four songs. Currently the band is planning live shows to promote the EP in the UK. “Cease and Desist” was recorded at Dropout Camberwell on their home turf London, England.

Released Oct 10, 2014

“Cease and Desist” is available on itunes, Amazon mp3, bandcamp and GooglePlay

Listen here:


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