Is K Michelle dating Chad Johnson?

k-michelleRecently, K Michelle did an interview with Power 105.1 in New York where she revealed that she and former Miami Dolphins player Chad Johnson former “Ochocinco” are dating. According to her, they go to dinner and talk on the phone but she said they are not sexually involved.

“We have not slept together. I’ve been through a lot with this dating thing,” Michelle said.

Michelle confirms that she and Chad are just friends. She said she doesn’t want to rush into things like she has before.

“I’m just getting to know him as a friend,” Michelle expressed.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality star can’t seem to keep a man for some reason. She alleged that her ex-manager was physically abusive towards her and what she had with J.R. Smith fizzled out. What’s a girl like K Michelle to do?

On an upcoming episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Michelle gets into a heated argument with her friend Mimi who teased Michelle about not having a man. Michelle told Mimi she didn’t want a man like her’s alleging that he’s gay. But what about Chad? Didn’t she hear about what he did to Evelyn?

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