Jack + Jill’s Epic Americana

Jack + Jill


Independent Release, 2013

This is a band which confounds all around. For starters, they’re a quartet with a name which would have you believe it’s a duo. And then with it’s innocuous sort name, they’d also have you believe this is probably just another Americana band who didn’t feel like buying razors or shaving cream either.

But Jack + Jill is fronted by husband and wife Aaron and Jessica Seibert, who share vocal duties, (Guitar and electric fiddle respectively), they are rounded out by bassist B Braukhoff and drummer Jake Cram.

This 5 song EP, opens strongly with “Black Sheep,” feeling wanton and sordid, with barely manageable emotions, for that worst kind of indulgent love. There’s a real sauciness happening when Aaron and Jessica combine their vocals, but his tend to dominate at times. His coarse delivery contrasting nicely with her sweeter, more dulcet delivery.

“Requiem for 9-5” feels like “Takes This Job and Shove It” for the patchuli set. With the great catch phrase, “I have never been so high” which will undoubtedly will become the shout along line at the live shows. There’s some nice wah-wah soloing on the tail-end.

Closing out with “KMSA,” There’s moments when the band locks in tight as clockwork, and then there’s the relaxed ending as the vocals carry it out. And you get the feeling this recording is a pretty good portrait of the band onstage, loose and lively, and not so focused on nailing every single moment perfectly, but more focused on harnessing the energy of the moment. Memorable rootsy psychedelic folk rock for your listening pleasure.



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