Jelani Lateef: ‘Cold Days and Dark Nights’ Album

cold.days_.dark_.nights-580x326Chicago hip hop rapper Jelani Lateef  aka J Fury, reflects on and exposes a traumatic past, in his latest creative venture, the album ‘Cold Days and Dark Nights’. The album is born from personal sorrow, the devastating 2010 loss of his girlfriend, mother of his daughter to Cancer. This 16 track album begins with encouragement to pursue your dreams/goals despite naysayers. Lateef was inspired in part by the Will Smith movie “Pursuit Of Happyness”, among other films of a positive nature, he uses lines from the films on the album. After the “Pursuit of Happyness” intro…..The first song is ‘Action’ and there begins the ride through Lateef’s journey to happiness.

From the Windy City blows the potential for greatness from this rhymemeister, with his thoughtful and thought provoking lyrics on life, love, tragedy and the pursuit of personal happiness. The upwardly mobile theme continues in the fourth song “Motivation”, the need to motivate himself and the listener……working through the depths of sorrow, with dope beats is the strength in “Cold Days and Dark Nights”.

Jelani contributes to his community and the betterment of young men with more than just dope beats and slick rhyme, through the trauma of the past he created his own label Manhood Ent. The label and projects associated with it, are focused on uplifting and motivating young men. Up leveling the notions of men taking responsibility for their choices, personal determination and owning the challenges that can make a boy….an honorable man.

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