Kathryn Caine: A “Down Home Girl” with a Lot of Soul

In a world that thrives on the American dream of freedom and liberty, the musical genre of Americana encompasses that very concept. One such artist today who understands its sound is none other than Americana/Bluegrass artist Kathryn Caine. Her soulful sound is one that pleases ears and hearts everywhere.

l_632bb3bb8c05bc1590bc9394479aad27-200x300Kathryn Caine has been playing for more than 14 years and has also released three country/rock albums. Her most recent one, “Down Home Girl”, is her fourth studio album which follows a more bluegrass sound. She enjoys playing the musical genre of Americana/bluegrass and also knows its definition very well. “It’s basically a combination of roots, country, old-school, blues, and soul music,” Caine says. Coming from a very musical family that now makes their residence in North Carolina, Caine states: “Everyone in my family sings and plays so it’s only natural for me to pursue music as well.”

Now making her residence in Charlottesville, VA, Caine recounts her earliest days getting into the music biz. “I’ve been playing since I was 15 and also started doing music professionally. At first, I was hired to sing other people’s songs and do background vocals.” This multi-talented musical prodigy sings and plays acoustic guitar and piano alongside her band as well. Its members are Andy Thacker (acoustic guitar/mandolin), Nick Reeb (fiddle), Darrel Muller (bass), and Stuart Holme (electric bass).

Caine’s musical influences range from such prolific songwriters such as Dolly Parton to Kris Kristofferson.l_5e7870bd6ea30581e0325bf843cad5da-200x300“One of my musical aspirations is to simply get better. Getting better at singing and becoming a better songwriter are what I strive to do everyday.” She makes sure to give her fans the best advice possible if they want to make a career out of music themselves. “Try to play with the best artists available. Make sure they’re better than you so that you can learn as you perform with them. That’s the only way you’re going to improve.”

Kathryn Caine’s latest album, “Down Home Girl”, is a wonderful compilation of bluegrass and country songs. Along with her band, she has performed and written all 11 songs for this CD. One of the songs that means very much to her is the somber and haunting track, “The Dream.” “This album is a very personal one for me. That song is about my brother’s car accident in which he died. My father continually had dreams about this accident and so I chose to do a song about it. With this CD, my fans can relate to each song.”

l_f1d2def125d0de9cf928fdf839371f39-200x300Caine has received various reviews from the likes of No Depression, Rootstown, and the Washington Post (among others) that praise her for wonderful singing voice, excellent songwriting, and impeccable musicianship. “Down Home Girl” has a fantastic array of tracks that tugs at the listeners’ heartstrings and keeps their toes tapping. “It’s great to have 4 CD’s out. I can’t wait to release a 5th one.” With such a hard working spirit, loyal fans, perfect band mates, glowing reviews, and several successful albums, that goal doesn’t seem too far away.

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