Ke$ha The Glitter Queen

wallpaper_kesha_mandando_um_beijo-wide-580x362“Needs more glitter” is the scream coming out of “Tik,Tok” singer Ke$ha’s mouth, so much so she has hired a professional glitter bomber.

Ke$ha informed Jimmy Kimmel that she used to bathe herself in “beer and glitter” as a newbie singer trying to make in the industry. The beer idea wasn’t a good idea because it would ferment on her skin and gave her a nasty rash, so she switched out to baby oil.

I wonder, was there an ad put out on Craig’s List, or did Ke$ha  just yell from the concert stage; that she is looking for someone to be on call, to throw glitter in her face whenever the mood strikes her.

However this job posting was filled, it got done and some guy gets the glitter-bombing glory, and a paycheck to go with it.

He comes to her house and covers her in it straight out of the bathtub and before all of her shows.

Weird and spooky gig if you can stand it.

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