Kiravell Newest Album: “Vaudevellia!”

g5Ha49dIf you have ever heard the music artist, Kiravell, you know that she has a style unlike any other artist on the market. You can somewhat compare her to Feist, Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, Norah Jones, and Morphine but it is a little far fetched to compare her to anyone, really. Kiravell is an Indie/Jazz/World musician with a crazy music style. A true renaissance woman whose work also includes clothing design and podcasts, Meniyka Kiravell has been able to make a name for herself as an artist fully immersed in her craft.

When listening to her work, you will hear the poetry that this wonderful talent has. Her lyrics are deeply meaningful and the rhythm in which that she portrays them is amazing. Not many artists have this skill and determination to show a message. Her use of descriptive words can be compared to a famous writer or poet. This is because Meniyka Kiravell is a traveler, a healer, a lover of life and a musician. She has chosen the best bits of life for herself and her family and she has put together a new music collection, entitled Vaudevellia! in much the same way. The world elements are perfected by her actual, real world experience.

Meniyka Kiravell grew up just outside of Detroit, Michigan with a father who was often depressed after her parents’ divorce and a peer group who, at best, did not understand her. As a child she found solace, as many creatives do, in fantasy books and stories, eventually translating that love of storytelling into theater. Music came into the picture as Kiravell moved on to The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. She played in a number of indie bands and was also a DJ for her college radio station. She delighted in exploring lots of different types of music on her show “… I was into everything I could get my hands on. I’d rock Alice Coltrane one minute and Tchaikovsky the next.”

Another great element of this new album is the use of strings. Both Ignacio Hernandez and Jamie Shadowlight kill it on the string instruments. Strings add a cinematic, dramatic feel to the music while also adding class.  These amazing elements really enhance the music and prove that her style is far superior to many other indie artists.

“Vaudevellia!” by Kiravell is to be released on July 27, 2015. I recommend this artist for her beautiful lyrics and meaningful themes. Check out the first track of the album below. Enjoy!

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