Marvel Universe-What are you excited to see this year?

Are you hooked on a feeling? Are you a Mutant and proud? With the DC excitement of Suicide Squad winding down, just this past week studios released the first trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.0 and the wolverine movie titled “Logan”. We also have Marvel’s “Dr.Strange” appearing in theaters in just about two weeks!

guardians-of-the-galaxy-2-teaser-posterThe Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was only 1 minute and 29 seconds long but it was enough to get me wanting me more! Somehow even using the same soundtrack music from the original trailer still managed to bring about that same “to cool for school” magic that the first movie delivered.  Director James Gunn is once again at the wheel of this ship giving us everything we want and more.   Besides, if baby Groot is not enough to want to go to see this then I don’t know what is! Sadly we’re gonna have to wait till May 5, 2017 to see anything! UGH! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!  Chris Pratt (aka Star-Lord)and the rest of the cast are just as awesome as ever as they navigate their adventures through the cosmos while trying to figure out what its like to truly be a team and a family and maybe save the galaxy if they have time.

Speaking of time, what if you had all the time in the world? Well for years Logan aka Wolverine has had nothing but time.Due to his mutation Wolverine ages much slower than your average human but in the movie “Logan” we come across a much older Logan. But just because he’s older doesn’t mean there are any less problems or action. Director James Mangold gives us a more intense and solemn approach while still giving us the action packed movie we all want.  From what we can see in the trailer there has been a decline in mutant births and the mutants we all know and love appear to be dead and gone!  logan-poster-hugh-jackman-wolverine-3Left behind is a Professor X (that has seen better days!) and a young girl who has a very familiar power (mutant X-23?!). We get  a brief glimpse of a masked Merchant’s Caliban; a mutant who’s power is sensing other mutants.  That can be a good or a bad thing depending on who you are so I personally can’t wait to see what will become of our Wolverine and Professor X.  Of course the big bads of this movie are the cyborgs we see in the trailer, members of the mutant-hunting Reavers. Now what we are all wondering is what happened to all the mutants?! What’s the story with the young girl?! Guess we are just gonna have to wait and find out until March 3rd, 2017!

Well even though we have to wait till next year for those two gems to come out we only have about 2 weeks to go for Dr.Strange to get to theaters! (YAY!)  Dr. Strange is directed by Scott Derrickson.  The trailer tells the story of neurosurgeon, Dr.Stephan Strange (played by the dreamy Benedict Cumberbatch!)  who loses the use of his hands in a terrible car accident.  During his journey to recovery he is introduced to another way of looking at the world including magic and time manipulation!  If I could manipulate time I would make two weeks go by so we could get to this movie faster! doctor-strange-trailer-poster-comic-con When the modern medicine fails him Dr. Strange turns to a more unconventional way of healing in a mysterious enclave called Kamar-Taj. Shortly after realizing that this is not your run of the mill healing center the Dr. begins his training to defend the world against the most powerful sorcerer in existence!  But will he choose a life of magic and defending the world; or will he go back to his successful life as a surgeon? (I think we all know what happens!) I can’t wait to see how this plays out!  Dr.Strange hits theaters on November 4, 2016 in 3D and IMAX 3D.

I know I’ll be pre-ordering my tickets for each of these films as soon as possible!  So who or what are you interested to see?!

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