Monks of Mellonwah- A Music Review

Australian imports Monks of Mellonwah or M.O.M/Monks as they are sometimes called in the media and amongst fans, are releasing a new EP of some considerable original new music. Their sound has evolved exponentially over the last three years and EPs Stars Are Out and Neurogensis tell the tale of their journey. There were five members in the beginning but now just four make up the band: Vikram Kaushik – vocals and guitar, Josh Basissari- drums, John de la Hoyde- Bass, Joseph de la Hoyde- lead guitar, William Maher was also lead singer but left the band a few times and is currently not a member.

The members all went to school together, when of course as many young men do they decided to start a band, they played locally in Sydney Australia, had some successes with talent shows, wrote original music and pumped out their first EP Stars Are Out in 2010.

The Monks the second EP Neurogensis jumped off in 2012 to some acclaim, then tours in Australia and the U.S. and bagged some attention from MTV’s The Real World St Thomas production/music team with the songNeverending Spirit.

Fast forward,the Monks recorded  their new material for Turn the People EP from 2012 to 2013  for whatever reason it was  released in three parts, full release will be March 7, 2014 . As far as musical influences go their’s are classic….Pink Floyd (a personal fave ), Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zepplin etc…..

Thirteen songs are on the album Turn the Peoplea strong showing of their obvious and evolving talent. Five of the thirteen tracks were produced by Keith Olsen who has produced  Fleetwood Mac and Ozzy Osbourne…the boys have some esteemed company on their album.  I took notice of two particular songs…. the hard driving, rock riff heavy Sailing Stones with it’s lyrics about taking risks  on the unknown . There is a touch of  the Jimmy Page flavor on the seventh track Escaping Alcatraz….as the title implies a song about escaping bonds real or imagined or disappearing entirely into the ether.

Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself.

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