Music Review: Bitter’s Kiss CD

bitter-s-kiss-the-rope-radio-mix-single-580x580A sensitive young talent struggling to make peace, with the darkness of the soul and still hold on to the inherent light of youth. Chloe Baker aka Bitter’s Kiss much like St Vincent uses a moniker that hides and expresses who she is, the New Jersey native with her graceful tones and enchanting voice has an eponymous 8 track album, a diary of a sort to share with the World.

Bitter’s Kiss is an newly emerged indie pop artist with alluring, some might say ethereal vocals, wrapped in an aged wisdom found mostly in an old soul.  A beguiling innocence Bitter’s Kiss inhabits her own World, feel her, hear her in these songs of hope, despair and possibility. With a “come and listen to my secrets and know the place they inhabit” the self titled album and the first track will lead you through the singer/songwriter’s emotions of hope, wistfulness and for those mature beings listening, nostalgia for teenage years when love was a desperate thing, obsession burned, everything hurt three times as much and the future was still in reach.

The music for the Bitter’s Kiss CD was created and produced, in an in-home studio, set up by her musician father Michael Baker.

1. Bitter’s Kiss
2. Waste of it All
3. Love Won’t Make You Cry
4. No One Will
5. The Rope
6. Lovin’ Life
7. Already Gone
8. Too Far Too Fast

Release date:  March 31, 2015

Songs to single out: ‘The Rope’ (a song addressing potential suicide) and by contrast ‘Lovin’ Life’ ( a song of happiness and hope)

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