Music Review: “Cold Blue Water” and Self-Titled Album

cold-blue-water-1Eureka! Eureka, California that is…this place has birthed a butter smooth blues band, Cold Blue Water…your gonna want to know their music. A clean, energetic, liquid, bluesy sound…Cold Blue Water first publicly performed in 2013 at the Mateel Summer Arts and Music Festival.

Their music inspirations are an infamous and famous bunch…Jim Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Bros, etc. Cold Blue Water mixes blues, southern rock, jazz and progressive rock jam into their own sound, that is amazing to experience even better in the dark wither alone or a blues bar.

The band has assembled a self titled album, with a little help from their famous and legendary friends… first things first, lets introduce the members, front man/songwriter of the band Andy Bs on (Guitar, vocals), Doors of the 21 Century drummer Ty Dennis  on drums, Brad Cummings (Bass), Brian Swislowaly lays it down on Keyboards and Hammond organ, Don Hammerstedt (trumpet), Russ Thallheimer on Sax. The Cold Blue Water EP was recorded at Green Room Studios in Van Nuys, CA.

The self-titled album is five tracks of  blues heavy tones with a southern rock edge….this offering is everything easy, painful, soul stirring and bleeding raw emotion.The fifth track, the mellow toned “Blue Rain” is a fave but I am starting at the end, begin with Catfish Blooz and ease back with a Blue label Beefeater straight or nurse it on ice ( it sounded good in my head,though I am more of a cocktail girl.) What’s going on with the middle tracks “Da Doodle”, “So High” and classic bluesy “Led Boots” is a mandala swirl of time worn stories of love, pain and every good lyrical thing that makes up the blues…with electric guitar solos,powerful bass-line and mournful sax wrapped in new funk sound.


If you are so so on blues, as a newbie, then Cold Blue Water is my baptismal recommendation, if your seasoned connoisseur, give  a moment of your valuable time to this worthy in IMO blues band.

Cold Blues Water’s EP released on 9/27/2014

Listen here on soundcloud:


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