Music Review: Rock Masters Band – Hit The City/Diamonds (Double Single)

Hard-hitting and straight outta Finland, rock/indie band  ‘Rock Masters Band’ has released new music. The dual tracks ‘Hit The City/Diamonds’ dropped January, 2015 to slake the thirst of Rock Masters‘ legion of fans. Formed in 2007  the band found themselves basing their rock indie sound on rock legends like Motley Crue and Aerosmith,there are even comparisons that can be made to Queens of the Stone when listening to their vibe.‘Rock Masters’ have an eclectic style, mixing in some blues and psychedelic with the expected rock and indie base. Considered by some a supergroup of rock ,the band is a mish-mosh of members from other Finnish bands. The current incarnation consists of  Sami “Haxu” Hakala as frontman on vocals, Teo Rikkonen on bass and guitars, Mikael Tittanen on drums and percussion along with Teemu Rikkonen contributing a guitar solo on the single ‘Hit The City’.

On the Diamonds track, it’s heartbreak on tap….the music throbbing with intense vocals,heavy bass and screaming guitar has the talented work of  Riikka Hakala on background vocals, Ace Mark on guitar, Jimi Sero working bass, and Sami Jarvinen on drums.

This is not the kind of music you would hear on mainstream rock stations in America,though they could easily make a strong showing on a movie soundtrack.

If your looking for new bands to add to your playlist and like underground, European bands the Rock Masters Band will be great addition.


Don’t take my word for it….listen here for yourself.

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