Music Review: Vince Grant ‘ My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me’ EP

vince.grant_-580x435Alternative rocker Vince Grant has a story to tell, pain to share and a victory lap to take, all completed in his personal music journey of coping with mental illness and its effects on his personal life. It is LA based Vince Grant’s willingness to share his coping mechanism that has given birth to the EP “My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me”. Released in February 2015 the five-track EP is a walk through the rubble of his painful World, laid bare in all its fine transparency.
Vince Grant stands a man addressing a battle with mental illness, coupled with a tangled web of drugs and alcohol,and successfully recovering. Vince redirected his energy to the creation of his new music, different from the music that he played when he gigged, toured in the US and busked on Venice Beach. “My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me” EP is an energetic, sad and beautiful convergence of 90’s grunge sound, raw vocals, emotion, acoustic guitar, drums and empowered lyrical honesty.

From the ashes of his life Vince brought forth the first single ‘Melancholia’ a song of a relationship felled by his troubled soul, emotional abandonment and falling into the embrace of a deep depression. It is the willingness to expose these feelings, which give the listener a chance to know that, they are not alone in the darkness.“My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me” is a gift for the wounded and the broken.

1. Melancholia
2. Oceans II
3. Edge Of The World
4. How Many Times You
5. Sweet Addiction

Listen here:

“My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me” is produced recorded and mixed by Doug Grean and Mastered at Rodney Mills Masterhouse

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