Music Review: Watkins’ One Life, One Love Single

To ignite the spirit of the World rhythmically is a worthy mission, a mission the pop/dance/soul fusion brother and sister duo Watkins is all about. Watkins, a Los Angeles based brother and sister duo comprised of Asa and Airreal Watkins. Watkins is part of the “Feel Good” music movement, their latest contribution, is the pop/soul fusion song “One Life, One Love”.

The single has more of a 70’s groove with guitar riffs and a drum-line reminiscent of Earth, Wind and Fire. Though the band’s primary focus is more in the repackaged 80-90’s pop/soul groove, there is an emphasis on emotions in their own rehash of the 80-90’s sound.  Adrian Battle is featured on this track with a voice as infectious and upbeat as Watkins lead vocalist Airreal. Asa produces the groove wave, his sister Airreal’s vocals ride the pop electric fusion sound, the beat are addictive, upbeat and atmospheric….it’s like a Chicago house music thing.

One Life One Love was released 9/10/2014

Listen here:

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