Nastiest Enemies in Gaming!

Spanning the vast universes and worlds across different games, players will encounter monster and beasts of all shapes and sizes. Every once in a while, you face an enemy so hideous, so grotesque, that their image stays with you for months and years to come. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the downright nastiest enemies in gaming.

Clickers-The Last of Us


These enemies are actually victims that have fallen to a violent plant based infection. Robbed of their sight, and control over their sensory systems, Clickers use various noises to situate themselves in their environment. They also use this skill to hunt you, keep your distance and you might just avoid their attack. If you must cross them, make sure you are well armed. Everyone whose played this title probably remembers the holy sh*t moment of a clicker chomping down on your neck the first time.

Grotesque-Diablo 3


These hulking enemies are obese demons whose very skin is held together with bulging stitches. Keeping your distance is probably your best option, due to the fact that upon their death these enemies explode. Upon explosion, not only do Grotesques emit a cloud of gas, but a pack of black serpents who made their nests in the late demon’s stomach. If that isn’t absolutely revolting I don’t know what is.



One of the most horrifying experiences to hit console’s in 2014 was the game demo, P.T. Featuring a constantly changing endless hallway, players were stalked by a lone ghostly woman who had been murdered by her husband. At times, players could hear her breathing menacingly in her ear, at other times she would simply cry. If you were unlucky enough to turn around at the wrong moment you’d be greeted with a terrible surprise.

Unbaptized Baby-Dante’s Inferno


You see many horrors as you delve deeper in the bowels of Hell in Dante’s Inferno. Even after all of the violence and carnage you witness on your way down, you have to stop at some point and say, “Wow THAT is f*cked up”. The Unbaptized Baby is the epitome of this sentiment. Since they have not been baptized, these children have been condemned to limbo as disfigured forms of their true selves. These extremely disturbing little bastards could be seen sporting razors for arms, held together with stitching, and sometimes even having their umbilical cords wrapped around them. I would definitely be uncomfortable with the designer of these enemies around the office.

Necromorphs-Dead Space


What is more terrifying and gross than zombies? Space zombies. Necromorphs are the product of an extraterrestial infection, bringing corpses back to life with extreme hostility. Many a jump scare have been caused by a surprise attack during your extremely creepy adventures through the quiet corridors of a spaceship. Remain on your toes, because the Necromorphs seem bent on adding you to their mass of infected flesh.

Lickers-esident Evil


Zombies that can move extremely quickly, are on thing. Highly mutated zombies with whip-like tongues that run on all fours at breakneck speeds? Nope. These incredibly ugly creatures sport razor sharp teeth dripping with drool, and large claws. Originally inteded to be used as bio weapons, these ghastly creatures can tear you apart in seconds.


Have we missed any enemies you find particularly gross? Share yours!

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