Nemo James Album: ‘The Minstrel’


‘The Minstrel’ Album

When British, singer, songwriter and sessions guitarist, Nemo James quit sessions work in London,England and moved to Croatia, fans wondered hmmmmm, what’s next?

What was next was an auto-biography “Just A Few Seconds”and a new direction in his career, Nemo took a time-out to developed his abilities in song crafting, mixing and building songs with Croatian music tones and melodies. Nemo, his new acoustic based, country, blusey folk album ‘The Minstrel’, experiments with clear sounds , vivid, deep, moody and poetic emotions. In these seventeen storytelling tracks, Nemo takes you through a moody folkscape with ‘The Woman Unknown’ and ‘The Poet’, a journey in simplicity with ‘A Simple Love Song’

If a well crafted folk album and skilled songwriting blend, is to your liking then, you will definitely appreciate this seasoned musician.

‘The Minstrel’ was released August 16th 2015

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