New Music: Folk-rock singer Annalie Wilson by Leandra Cameron

Annalie-jpeg-150x150Have you ever listened to British Country? Such is the description given to the music of newcomer Annalie Wilson.

“People are describing it as British Country music!” says fol-rock singer Annalie Wilson. “Yes, it’s an interesting term — not one I would use myself, but it’s curious that a few different people have picked up on it.”

Wilson, a native of England, is an upcoming artist we all should pay attention to. Her sophomore EP Water Snakes is a solid combination of folk, indie and soulfulness. “I tend to avoid genre labels where possible, but if I had to describe Water Snakes I would probably call it ‘folk-rock,’’’ she says.

The four-track album offers both up-tempo and down-tempo songs that feature layered lyrics and rhythmic instrumental pairings.

“Skin” deals with relationship issues, identity, life and humanity. The song is both bare and hopeful. The sound is rustic yet harmonious, with bits of country and sweet byway of guitar and piano. Wilson displays the honesty and candor of Feist as well as the melancholic, sometimes solemn, tone of Norah Jones’ debut Come Away With Me. In a word, it’s poetic.

Homeground is a down-tempo followup. The lyrics provide much introspection: “Integrity and poetry always seem to go hand-in-hand for me… I miss you and I know who you are at last and it’s someone I wanna be around on my own homeground.”

A turn happens on Perfect Love. Giving an up-tempo, almost pop-alternative feel, the track ironically speaks of the imperfection of love, but of such imperfection being just right. Resonating most are the lyrics: “It’s not a perfect love, no, far from it, but it’s what I’ve got and I’ll run/work with it…I know what I’ll do, I’m gonna stay with you.” The song is relatable and we feel this in every strum of the guitar. Reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac’sDreams, the song is a sweet treasure — a morsel of real human emotion.

Save Me, the final song on the EP, is a downtempo, melodic tone, easily attachable to a scene from your favorite romantic comedy. It’s light-hearted, honest and unapologetic: “I don’t wanna learn, I just want things to change…Who’s gonna save me from myself”

“You’re not alone on this,” the song repeats.

For more information on rising star Annalie Wilson, visit her site:

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