New Music Review: Alice Sungurov “Broke My Heart”

alice-1-580x387Alice Sungurov is the anti Taylor Swift, when sweet Alice’s heart gets broken, she doesn’t write a break-up song about revenge and veiled insults. With the little bit bluesy song  “Broke My Heart”…. Alice sings of heartbreak in a emotional gripping way that is for a mature teenager….one who ruminates and ponders…then chooses not to let the heartbreak define them.

When Alice writes music she does it for the most common of reasons, although not exclusive to them…..Alice like all teenagers desire to be heard, if not understood, even validated. Alice is a storyteller with a well defined goal…..“Having my voice be heard inspires me to write. When I write music, I write a story. And then I hear lyrics come together with music and there is a moment where everything is paused, the feeling of content, the feeling of being complete. It is like reassuring myself that I know what I was meant to do.” With the lyrics of “Broke My Heart” feelings are explored, riding the wave a relaxed easy groove, a rumble of bass carries a tumble of confused feelings, anger, indignation then and the resolve to give no f*cks and move on. “Broke My Heart” is in the end, a song of pop music’s best…never ending heart-shaped hope and not dark bitterness.

Pretention is an easy,but lost road for a young artist to walk down with their music…..but open and brave Alice with her Auditory Processing Disorder…(inner ear damage) challenge from birth that doesn’t slow her down or dampen her creative heart…. smoothly escapes that pitfall.

Listen here: Broke My Heart

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