New Music Review: Julian Rhine “An Excuse To Riot”

2014 has been good to Brooklyn, NY born alternative Hip Hop/rocker Julian Rhine, with the hip hop community taking notice of Julian’s last single “No God Flow.”  With the single “No God Flow” a shot across the bow of organized religion and a frog stomp on the need to separate church and state was made,… it’s a full on fight, with power treatise “An Excuse To Riot.”

A call to arms, sort of… “An Excuse To Riot” lets you know the artist’s thoughts on the government, the flawed US Justice System and the negative downward turn the United States is on. There is no mincing of words or emotion here…anger and disappointment ride a wave of high energy, thunderous driving drum beats, powerful guitar riffs…….a well versed expression of an anti- establishment message.

Julian Rhine has played the Bitter End CMJ show for the 3rd year straight to thunderous applause and acceptance. There is no sign that he is slowing down on his steady rise in the alternative Hip Hop/Rock fusion movement.

Listen here: “An Excuse To Riot”

New Music Review: Julian Rhine “An Excuse To Riot”jul.r-580x324

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