New Music Review: Leonino ” Naked Tunes”

leoninoSet a scene by the sea, waves crashing, a walk in the tall grass with a breeze blowing and some Leoninowafting through the air and find joy, fun and an easy peace.

Jorge Gonzales aka Leonino  born in Chile, former leader and vocalist of iconic Chilean band Los Prisioneros, has stepped into the limelight solo. A new offering with a different feel and sound from his voice of a revolution past, with his popular influential band Los Prisioneros…Naked Tunes steps forward and away from the power/pain music of the the 80’s political resistance movement against Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. A rebirth filled with wisdom, wit and joy.

Naked Tunes is an album of  poetic simple, soft rock style music, quirky,optimistic, peaceful, hopeful sometimes wrapped in a little sarcasm. It’s about enjoying life, letting go and moving forward….with the spoken word song Don’t Change Your Mind ( a song about sticking to your decisions) and I Think We Should Be Friends  featuring Pier Bucci a quirky little guitar supported ditty. I feel a peaceful sit-in coming on, at the very least hug a tree.

Naked Tunes was released September 15, 2014leonoino

Want sometime new to fill your space…listen here

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