New York Finesse: Nisha Asnani

If you’re a heavy art addict, a poetic enigma or rambunctious performer that hits the Lower East Side’s Nuyorican Poets Cafe every Monday , then you know this Queen of the underground. Nisha Asnani has built the infamous Open Mic Night Mondays where dozens upon dozens of artists, performers, comedians and the best of all New York’s subtle talent come together and release themselves upon the mic. Nisha is a singer-songwriter and recording artist based in New York City. She is not afraid to go to the extreme and lives wildly on impulse, which is a quality she had extracted from the art of music. Her unique sound makes it impossible to state a comparison. She says,” I have a flare for the grand, theres a grandiosity about doing things that shake your world, if it doesn’t move you, there’s no point.” Nisha has performed across the country from Dallas, Orlando, California, New Orleans and overseas in Paris. Now living in New York, she says that you don’t need anything as long as you have yourself, and a toothbrush. Nisha’s style is a conflicting cross between a modest girl that her Indian mother had raised her to be and the girl who ran away to Paris to become a rockstar who smoked cigarettes all day. Out of all the places she’s travelled to perform, Nuyorican’s is still her favorite venue. She is well-known to the crowd as suave and swoons us with her dark and mysterious personality. As an artist she states ,”Learn how to forgive yourself when you make a mistake, if you can’t then you can’t move on…I’ve seen it destroy a lot of artists,  you have to learn how to let go.” Being a woman in the industry, she strongly emphasizes not to be talked down to with pet names like babe or sweetheart and inspires women to not be afraid to be a bitch when you have to. “You have to push yourself a little harder, be kind, passionate and strong..” This Fall she releases her fan favorites “Beside You” and “Sandcastles” for free download at

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