Nolan Does It Again! – An Interstellar Review


“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

                           — Dylan Thomas

Anticipating the arrival of  Interstellar was met with fulfilled expectations. An opportunity to enter the world as only Christopher Nolan can imagine it is a cinematic experience that intrigues audiences. “Interstellar” takes audiences on a journey to seek out what has been sought out before yet never reached. The film and the characters mirror much of Nolan’s works in the past. The idea that the world can be saved and it can save itself. Yet, in its last hope it eventually should surrender to the inescapable fate which it has lead itself to. Nolan’s signature visuals and score, characters, and themes in “Interstellar” are well executed and inspirational.


Nolan displays his visuals parallel that of his genius in “Inception” and “Memento”. Watching the film, it is very difficult to believe in the absence of green screen use. The score was powerful and at times disturbing but perfectly necessary for the feel of certain scenes. The organ used in one or two scenes was overwhelming as was the scene itself yet it delivered. This film will take audiences into many different dimensions where only Nolan can navigate through. Stimulating the eyes and the experiences of movie-goers to a very fascinating film.


The characters in the film are similar to those in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Matthew McConaughey is phenomenal in his feat as Cooper, an astronaut turned farmer, to save his family and the Earth. He is in many ways like Batman saving Gotham in its hour of need. Anne Hathaway as Amelia Brand is inspirational in her hope to find what is necessary to keep the search and civilization to sustain and thrive. Michael Caine as Professor Brand who has made it his life’s work to save the people of the Earth to find another planet for civilization. Brand is similar to the character Ra’s al Ghul, who has this demented theory of letting the Earth pay for its mistakes by letting nature take its course and end humanity. Common themes that are present in Nolan’s films are that of humanity and the bond between people. Life on a macro scale is miniscule compared to that on a micro scale. Saving the world is an immeasurable responsibility but to match that with the love a father has for his child is equally the same yet indisputably profound.

“I am thinking of my family and millions of other families.”

interstellar-02   Well put and well presented through this film. Being out of touch with people and isolated from the Earth takes it’s toll on Romilly. The sound of crickets, thunder and rain is something most people, if not, all people take for granted. But being in space for so much time the sound of nature is found comforting to Romilly. Humanity, our connections to one another and what it means to be human is a concept Nolan explores and displays beautifully in Interstellar.
Interstellar-00   As expected in all Nolan films, watching Interstellar there are moments during a scene or listening to the dialogue when that strong desire arises to watch this film again without knowing anything just to relive the initial reactions to specific moments. The web Nolan uses to intricately weave together his use of themes, characters and his visual affects is incredibly amazing and not to be taken for granted. “Interstellar” is in theaters now and is a film that will definitely leave audiences breathless.

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