The Atlanta hip-hop scene will never be the same again thanks to an artist by the name of Pill. As he has taken over Atlanta, Pill is now on the rise to take the world into the grips of his hands. The true grit of rap comes out in his rhymes as he spits the word of the streets. Raised by a drug addicted mom and an absent father, Pill learned street life from a very young age. Regardless of his past history, Pill is demanding what he so rightly deserves; to show the world that he is the king of the streets and prowls the Atlanta scene.

The product of various neighborhoods in Atlanta, Pill has lived through struggle after struggle and been able to maintain the credibility that makes him who he is today. From the time he was in elementary school, Pill was always able to express himself in creative realms. From theatrical plays to introducing Mayor Bill Campbell at his school presentation, Pill expresses himself as to, “just want to do me.” Pill was the first member of his family to graduate from high school, and around the same time is when Pill realized music was his calling.

From the beginning, the people Pill surrounded himself with were sure that his success would come and he would bring his story global. On Killer Mike’s compilation mixtape, “Underground Atlanta,” Pill put the fourth ward on his back with the tracks, “Bunkin’” and “Grind Time.” With the release of his first mixtape that same year, “4180: The Prescription,” Pill got the praise of Andre 3000 and numerous other names in the Atlanta hip-hop scene. From then on, Pill was in takeover mode. Since that release in 2009, Pill produced a second mixtape titled, “4075: The Refill,” which included the underground banger “Trap Goin’ Ham.” The song which had a video released from Motion Family is a grimy ode to the rough life that molded Pill into the person he is.5038556212_388d5a1e1c-199x300


In 2010 Pill did a Gangster Grillz mixtape put out by DJ Drama titled, “1140: The Overdose.” With the Gangster Grillz release, Pill was able to expand his horizons to numerous fans who had never been familiar with his underground hype. Recently, Pill has collaborated on two new tracks with a host of talent from the South. “Voyage to Atlanta,” which is produced by Royal Flush featuring Pastor Troy and Aleon Craft as well as “Trapped Out,” which features Pill with Yo Gotti and Waka Flocka. As Pill has signed with Asylum Records, a highly anticipated album slated to be called “The Medicine,” is in the works and due for big success.

As Pill puts it, “I love music more than I love anything. It is my retreat…I would be selling out if I didn’t shine light on the upbringing of mine…I’m telling my testimony…where I’m from, how I grew up, how I live.”

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