P&R Rocks the Latin Sound

I was browsing through Youtube and came across P&R. A band formed by Argentinian guitarist Paul Bonahora and Italian singer Roberto Sardi. They began in 2009 in Milan as an acoustic duo. Now, they’ve expanded into a six-man band with a growing fan base in the Latin scene and are slowly tackling the American music scene with the English single, “Aching, Breaking”. A rocked infused song about the infamous broken heart and the need to move the hell on. What’s most captivating about this song is Bonahora’s guitar skills. He owns the instrumental break with colorful trills and an intricate melody which flows into my list of pros.


Their Latin Rock Sound is a marriage between the Latin group Maná (if you haven’t heard of them, please get on that even if you don’t understand what they’re singing) and Green Day with a ting of Steven Tyler’s pipes.

They Are Just as Good In Acoustic Their album titled song “Fuera de Tiempo” is performed by Bonahora and Sardi on their youtube channel acoustically. Sardi’s voice effortlessly swoons over the guitar and the lyrics are well emotionally executed. Like their English song, Aching Breaking, Fuera de Tiempo is about a love that is long over due and needs to end. Sardi ends the chorus with a few ohhs and Bonahora takes over with a 10 second classic instrumentation on the guitar that’s reminiscent to Esteban.

They’re Hott I mean where can you find hot men from two of the world’s most beautiful countries make music together that’s about as beautiful as their sex appeal? Exactly.


P&R, Paul Bonahora Band, Paul and Robi Band? I have no idea what the official name is for this band. On itunes it’s under Bonahora’s name and on their website it’s P&R and on youtube it’s Paul and Robi Band. Please guys, make up your mind!! P&R is just fine with me.

Robi Sardi’s Soulful Spanish Voice and His Not So Soulful English One Oh Sardi, when you sang to me “Fuera de Tiempo” I melted. Sardi can sing his Latin ballads and he hits the high notes in a Rock song easily. When it comes to Italian, I’m sure it’ll be just as good. However, I was confused when I heard “Aching, Breaking” because he sounded completely different. I said, hey where’s that rich and sultry voice I hear in the Latin Rock songs? I don’t know if it’s because of the phonetics in the English language but I know Sardi is capable of brining the same vocal energy to EVERY SONG.

Judging by how the Pros outweigh the Cons, you can figure out how I feel about P&R. I think they have the makings of a true Latin Rock band and as a Maná fan, I can’t wait to see some sort of collaboration and maybe even throw in an acoustic duet with Sardis and Juan Luis Guerra. As a Latina I appreciate the musicians who bring Latin music to America so P&R, I can wait to hear more from you!



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