Prince Releases New Song About Freddie Gray and Throws Peace Rall

Prince is set to take the stage at his “Rally 4 Peace” Sunday in Baltimore, Maryland. The “Purple Rain” artist released a new song inspired by the murder of Freddie Gray titled “Baltimore”. As most of you know, Freddie Gray was arrested by Baltimore Police for posessing an illegal switchblade and died due to injuries sustained during his transportation to the precinct. The decision to charge the 6 officers responsible for his death has drawn praise from the public; but others cry this is not enough! This incident is one of many recent reports of police abuse. In recent months we’ve seen the deaths of Eric Garner and Walter Scott due to excessive police force. These deaths have led to plenty of civil unrest, including peaceful protests and violent riots. Concert go-ers of Prince’s rally wore colors of gray “as a symbolic message of our shared humanity and love for one another.” It’s not sure how much of the proceeds the concert makes will go to charity, or what charity it will be going to. I think it’s great seeing an influential artist such as Prince using his influential status to promote a peaceful, non-violent way to honor the lives lost to polic brutality. I hope he inspires others in position of power to encourage the public to take action and work towards solving the problem thats plagued our country for too long. Take a listen to “Baltimore” below.

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