Rocking Out With Glockenspiels?

The long awaited EP from Alyson Greenfield was just released July 19th and like the performer herself, the album does not lack in variety. Rock Out With Your Glockenspiel Out features five cover songs, ranging from hip hop, to rap, and even reggae. Of course, Greenfield made each song her own. Most of the original songs styles are replaced by Greenfield’s rich, mesmerizing vocals backed by intricate piano. Unfortunately, not all the songs feature the glockenspiel like the title of the EP seems to hint at. In fact, there isn’t much glockenspiel at all. Luckily, this seems to be the only disappointment when it comes to this new release.

The EP starts off with All She Wants, from Ace of Base. From what was a poppy dance tune, Greenfield creates an emotional piece, that at times doesn’t fit some of the lyrics. Lines such as “You gotta watch those women, they want something in their stomach, wanna feel something kicking” and “Take it slow, you don’t want to end up on a paternity test show” can seem somewhat humorous and out of place as Greenfield sings her heart out.

Bad Boys, the infamous theme song of Cops, by Inner Circle is performed as a heartfelt,  yet pop-y piano piece. The transition from reggae to Greenfield’s style is seamless and this goes for the lyrics as well.

Gangsta’s Paradise originally by Coolio is the only track on the EP that features the titled glockenspiel and is performed solely with the glockenspiel. Greenfield’s strong, thick vocals pulls listeners in to the lyrics and brings an emotional perspective that the original does not.


The EP also features Milkshake, made famous by Kelis and Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J. While Milkshake can seem a bit humorous at times but still builds a strong, dramatic pull within the song. Greenfield’s cover of Mama Said Knock You Out follows suit with the rest of the EP as an intense piano piece. This track shows off Greenfield’s vocal talents as she speeds through verses while highlighting specific lines. She also makes some artistic changes by removing certain verses and lines and even inserts a line of her own. She sings, “My mama told me to and I always do what my mama tells me to.”

Overall, Greenfield’s release was worth the wait as long as you can overlook that her covers are nothing like the original songs. In a way, Greenfield’s style has always been to make what she does her own and there’s no lack of her individuality when it comes to Rock Out With Your Glockenspiel Out. Here’s to hoping there’s still much more to come from the multi-talented Alyson Greenfield.

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