Rosemary’s BillyGoat Sings of Love and Hobbit Feet

Rosemary’s BillyGoat Sings of Love and Hobbit Feet

Rosemary’s Billygoat

Hobbit Feet

Porterhouse Records, 2013

As far as incomplete biographies go, Rosemary’s BillyGoat, may have the most incomplete-est. But worrying about where they came from is like spending a lot of time wondering how your new other got so good at doing that thing you like. Best to just enjoy it, and not upset yourself with such thinking.

This Los Angeles band with partially tenuous ties to the underworld, or maybe just Middle Earth, has a new single and video which pays homage not only to J. R. R. Tolkien and his most famous of creations, Hobbits, but perhaps what happens when you take home a winsome lass in a very dark club.

And sure there are probably some guys who appreciate a tiny woman with hairy feet like snowshoes, but, For those of us not of Middle Earth, it can be a jarring experience. You’ll have to make up your mind when you view this cautionary tale here:

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