SABATTA to perform at Sonic Eclectic Presents

sabattaFor all SABATTA fans out there, there’s an upcoming opportunity you don’t want to miss. The band traveled from their homes in the UK to tour the US and will be performing live at Sonic Eclectic’s Networking Event this Sunday, August 21st. The event is being held at The End, a “full-service creative facility,” located at 13 Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. For those not familiar with SABATTA, the band consists of Yinka Oyewole as lead guitarist and singer, Zoltan Toth on bass, and Ricky Castellani on drums. They consider the music they produce grunge soul and the music itself seems to be derived from a blend of classical rock and a bit of punk/grunge. There’s considerable focus on guitar with some great bass lines and consistent drums. Yinka has rich vocals that are similar to those of Van Halen’s lead singer, Gary Cherone and Jimi Hendrix.

The band formed in 2006, has released two albums, and will be releasing a third album sometime this September. The first album entitled Princess Raw, shows off SABATTA’s classic rock side. Throughout the album there seems to be a great influence of Jimi Hendrix’s style, which works really well with SABATTA’s musical personality. Since the first release of Princess Raw only featured five songs, the band released a special edition two years later in 2008, removed one song from the original set list and added eight songs. In the same year, SABATTA also released their second album Emperor’s New Clothes. This album featured a little bit more edge giving the band more of a punk/grunge feel described before. Emperor’s New Clothes is said to have more of a Lenny Kravitz feel, again showing that SABATTA’s main influences come from the classic rock era. The tracks on this album also feature some experimentation with Yinka’s falsetto.

As for the new album to be released, Sex Power Death, from what tracks the band has released, it seems SABATTA is fusing some funk with their sound. This is definitely making fans anxious and wondering what’s in store with this upcoming release. Yinka has promised great live shows from him and his band with a quote he’s posted on the band’s website: “Anyone who comes to see us play will get more than 120%. Everybody wants to perform these days but we feel it’s a privilege not a right. We want the audience to hear the music they’ve downloaded, live but BETTER and with jaw-dropping performance to go with it. It’s hard work, but what’s really great that isn’t?” SABATTA isn’t a band to miss live and on top of their performance, Sonic Eclectic is hosting a Rooftop Mixer for artists, models, and publicists, and other artist showcases from Brian Mackey, (i am) isis, Spree Wilson, NewDay, and Jose Carr. It will be a great night with great people, great music, and great artists, so don’t miss it!



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