Rimi Releases Two New EPs

246603_2144989226992_6379176_nRimi is an Indian/American group that produces modern, world and Bollywood movies. The two new EPs, “Unveiling” and “Crossing Over” have dominated Indian music charts. Her single, the mysterious and charming Maahiya received bestseller status in India and led  to her headlining a variety of conferences and festivals on multiple continents. Crafting a unique sound and hypnotic live experience that fuses ancient ideas with modern pop, Rimi stands at a bold crossroads.

It’s easy to fall in love with the ethereal soundscapes that Rimi creates with her music, it has a wholly distinctive flavor that reminds the listener of Bollywood. Gloriously innovative yet also strangely humble Rimi places primarily Hindi lyrics alongside a few English ones to help establish her totally unique mixture of old and new – an idea that gives her music breadth and will guarantee that it will continue to be picked apart for years to come.

The tracks on the albums give a very hip-hop-like feel which, at times, seems cheesy but sounds great. The tempos of these tracks make you want to run a marathon. These albums pose as great dance or workout music. I could see someone using this music for a club scene or even a Zumba class! The albums have been doing great in India and are starting to pick up here in the US. I feel that this group has potential to thrive here and has very modern and current vibes. The mixture between old and new styles is enticing and overall, addictive. These songs can get you pumped for hours on end.

Original Song and music video “Maahiya” topped Indian music charts in the Indian pop category and received Bestseller status. The group then opened for RDB Tour in USA and became a headlining artist at Tie-CONconference in San Jose. This allowed them to  open for Sonu Nigam during their India tour and they became a headlining artist at Chateau de Fontainebleau, France. Obviously, these guys are high-grade musicians and they are highly accomplished.

You can find these guys on bandcamp and Soundcloud (below).

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