Samuel Claiborne Newest Album: “Love, Lust and Genocide”

1743963Samuel Claiborne is an alternate rock genius who just released his latest masterpiece, the strangely addictiveLove, Lust and Genocide. Dealing with politics, sexuality, and spirituality Samuel Claiborne is a veritable prophet, proselytizing a message of anarchistic tolerance. Furthermore, Mr. Claiborne is a former quadriplegic whose work is informed by his experiences while paralyzed and profound gratitude for his recovery.

Unafraid to challenge the very notion of what music can be, Claiborne’s distinct electro-acoustic artistry can’t help but provoke the listener’s interest. Love, Lust and Genocide stands as a proud testament to all that rock and roll can be, pushing boundaries and forcing the listener to consider their place in this crazy old universe of ours.

Samuel Claiborne is a poet, essayist, composer, musician, graphic designer, photographer, video artist, and bodyworker. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he now makes his home in the Hudson valley in Rosendale, NY. His poetry has been published in Northern Light, Halfmoon Review, Belle Fourche and most recently, The Chronogram and The Voices of the Valley and Riverine anthologies of Hudson Valley poets. His essays have been published in The New York Times and The Phoenix. A veteran of New York’s ‘No-Wave’ scene in the 80’s, playing in local bands such as The Wolves and Things Fall Apart, his music career came to a halt in 1992 for over a decade due to a spinal cord injury, but he now once again composes and performs as a solo musician, and with various bands in Rock, ‘New Music’ and Experimental genres.

As you can see, Claiborne is a jack-of-all-trades and is a very creative, skilled person. His album features great sax and some awesome rock vibes. His first song on the album, Say Goodbye to America, discusses all of our problems as a nation. This is a really touching song. I personally recommend this artist to you and hope that you listen! Enjoy!

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