SE’s Comic Nook News: Justice League Begins Filming in April

According to EW — and despite an earlier rumor stating the opposite — Warner Bros Pictures is set to begin production for the epic scale superhero film on April 11, 2016.

“The idea that we could begin to boot up a Justice League concept was a cool thing,” director Zack Snyder says on the upcoming film. “It was a little bit of an ‘about time’ moment, and I don’t blame [the studio] for feeling that way, because it’s a long time coming, but I do feel like it’s a little bit of a creative hurdle. It seems like an easy thing to do at first glance, the idea that, ‘Oh, we just get the rest of the superheroes in there.’ But you have to [establish] a world where they can exist.”

Long awaited and highly anticipated, Justice League will see the formation of DC’s greatest heroes. Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot will return as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Clark Kent/Superman and Wonder Woman respectively. Joining them to form the League will be Ray Fisher, Jason Mamoa and Ezra Miller as Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash.

Filming for Justice League is said to take place in London. Justice League Part One is slated for theatrical release on November 17, 2017, with Justice League Part Two scheduled for June 14, 2019.

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