SE’s Comic Nook News; The Trailer for Batman: Bad Blood is released

New York Comic-Con may be over, but the news simply shall not falter. Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment have released the first trailer to their latest animated film, Batman: Bad Blood. The video can be viewed in the player below, with the actual trailer beginning at the 1:17 mark, for those of you who simply can’t wait to see our dark knight’s next case.

batman-bad-blood-header-300x168Particulars on Bad Blood’s plot are still being kept (more or less) on the hush, but it is known that the film takes place in the same timeline as Son of Batman and Batman vs. Robin, the previous entries in the New 52 based animated films. Also certain, Bad Blood will mark the introduction of Batwoman and Batwing into the animated film series.

Jason O’Mara will once again voice the Caped Crusader, alongside Stuart Allen as Damian Wayne aka Robin.Batwing-300x188

Sean Maher will voice Nightwing and Morena Baccarin will be returning as Talia al Ghul. New to the cast will be Yvonne Strahovski, who will be the voice of Batwoman, Gaius Charles as Luke Fox aka Batwing and Ernie Hudson will be Lucius Fox, Luke’s father (resist any and all Star Wars jokes) .

Batman: Bad Blood will debut on Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray in early 2016. As always, stay plugged in to SE for more Comic Nook News as it develops.

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