SE’s Comic Nook News: The Venom Solo Movie is Still A Thing?

Apparently so, such is the word from the fine folks over at Hollywood Reporter. Sony Pictures plans on moving forward with the solo antihero film featuring Spider-Man’s black clad antithesis. A condition of this film however, is that it will not be tied in any way to the already existing (ever-expanding) Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the newly cast Tom Holland’s version of the web-head himself. Holland will play the role of our friendly neighborhood web-slinger in the MCU’s Captain America: Civil War.

“Wait a sec” you might be asking, “A Venom movie with no Spider-Man?” Trust me, you don’t stand alone in your confusion (possible vexation).

Venom first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #254 in 1984. An inky black symbiotic suit of alien origin, Venom was originally worn by Peter Parker. It would be several years before Parker would discard the alien suit, thereafter finding its ‘proper’ mate in rival photographer Eddie Brock. Brock would go on to name their union of mutual hatred for the wall-crawler as Venom. The black alien suit would go on to have numerous iterations and be worn by a host of characters in the Marvel Universe.

Venom has appeared on the big screen before. Sam Raimi’s (abysmal in this writer’s opinion) Spider-Man 3 saw the alien suit worn by actor Topher Grace. Since that debacle, word has sparked time and again about the possible resurgence of Spider-Man’s long time rival/sometimes ally in a solo misadventure, with the previous attempts ultimately failing to materialize. It appears that Sony is attempting to once again bring the black suit to the big screen.

Eric Fineman and Palak Patel are currently overseeing the Venom project over at Sony.

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