SEV’s Comic Nook News: Director Seth Grahame-Smith Departs the Flash Film Amid Creative Difference

The Hollywood Reporter has dropped word that Warner Bros.’ feature film, The Flash, has lost Seth Grahame-Smith as director. The reason being? Creative differences on the project is being cited as the primary reason for Grahame-Smith’s departure.

Grahame-Smith’s screenwriting credentials consist of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, as well as previous drafts of Beetlejuice 2. The DC Cinematic Universe’s take on the scarlet speedster was supposed to Grahame-Smith’s directorial debut, which boasts a treatment written by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, known for their directing The LEGO Movie.

Ezra-Miller-The-Flash-1458910697Ezra Miller (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, We Need to Talk About Kevin) will play the lead role of Barry Allen/The Flash in the DCU’s film iteration. Previously, Miller made his debut as Allen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“I’d like the character to have many dimensions,” said Miller about his character in the film. “But really, I’d like him to have the usual dimensions we know and love, and then some extra ones that are part of the amazing consideration of this superhero. I hope to realize him as a person, and I think what’s most exciting for me in superhero mythologies is when we feel the humanity of someone who is heroic — or the heroism of someone who is a flawed, deeply human person.”

The Flash is slated for theatrical release on March 16, 2018. As always, stay plugged in to SEV for more Comic Nook News as it develops.

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