Shaggy Has A Master Plan To Defeat ISIS

Someone get President Obama on the line because Shaggy has figured out an end to ISIS.. and it involves A LOT of weed. The Wasn’t Me singer recently sat down with Dyllan Furness of the Miami New Times to discuss his music, his message, and thoughts on ISIS. Shaggy spoke about how his music and some good weed could mellow out Islamic extremist:

“There’re two thing you want to do when you listen to reggae: You get somebody pregnant, or you’re fucking high,” “High people don’t want to kill nothing; they want to love. They need to bag some Jamaican weed and distribute it amongst ISIS. I guarantee there won’t be any more wars out there.”

Considering some branches of extreme Islam discourage music, it’s very possible that Shaggy may have a point. According to a study done by Professor Adrian North of  Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK; those who prefer to listen to reggae tend to have high self-esteem, are creative, outgoing, gentle and at ease. Also, when was the last time you ever saw anyone behind another person after smoking some weed? ISIS should take the advice, smoke a doobie, and listen to some Shaggy.

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