Skin Expert Sarah Lynn Shares Her Knowledge On Having Younger-Looking Skin

Skin Expert, Sarah Lynn from Dermalogica is no stranger to the topic of “skin.” Her job is to ensure that her clients skin needs are met and she shares some of her acknowledgement for people to maintain a flawless younger-looking skin.

As mentioned by Skin Experts and Dermatologists in the past, the primary thing to do to protect the skin is to wear SPF. “Wearing SPF 365 days a year is crucial to protecting the skin from the suns harmful rays. The sun is the number one cause of aging and accounts for 80-90% of how the skin ages! Using an SPF 30 or higher that offers UVA and UVB protection is one of the best things to do for a healthy skin,” states Sarah.

Moreover, “We also recommend wearing hats and seeking shade when the sun is at its highest point and applying SPF 15-30 minutes prior to going out doors. Remember UV rays also penetrate through glass so we aren’t protected when in the car or standing by a window,” adds Sarah.

Sarah Lynn likes to share with her clients “Step 0,” which she considers to be part of how to protect the skin. “Taking care of your skin also starts with ‘step 0’…we always teach our clients at Dermalogica that a double cleanse is the foundation to healthy skin. We shed 1 million skin cells every 40 minutes!

“Add on Makeup, sweat, sebum, pollution and you have very dirty skin after a few short hours. Cleansing the skin twice first with an oil based cleanse such as pre cleanse followed by a water based cleanser such as special cleansing gel will keep the skin at its optimum health and create that foundation your skin needs,” confirms Sarah.

With what was mentioned previously, Sarah too advices that in order to have a younger-looking skin, you must start NOW. “Invest in a good skin care routine with products that support your barrier function and keep your skin healthy. Even a basic foundation regimen: cleanse, tone, moisturize, SPF is a great start to keep the skin youthful.

“Exfoliation is also very important to keep the skin flawless…certain exfoliants can do more than one thing including; encouraging cell turnover, smoothing the skin, hydrating, and brightening. I love the Daily Microfoliant for my clients because it achieves all of this and more,” states Sarah.

So there it is, it is quite simple to keep a skin youthful and radiant. For more information follow Sarah Lynn on her Instagram: @skinbysarahlynn

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