Slim Loris: Love & Fear CD

Ontour3-byMattiasCederstam-580x423From the land of ABBA comes Swedish indie folk/rock and sometime modern pop quartet Slim Loris. Slim Loris has dropped new music for the fans, old and new, their CD ‘Love and Fear’ is their third offering. To describe Slim Loris’ sound as a band with a 60’s Brit Pop invasion and a little American Woodstock folk rock sound muddled together wouldn’t be far off the mark. The influences of bands of yore like The Beatles and cult fave Bon Iver can be heard on the ‘Love and Fear’ album.

Some might think their music too slow, too mellow, not enough vim and vigor…well music is subjective, so, what’s a band to do? Keep rockin in their own unique way!

The opening tracks are on the down beat and then the album builds itself in tone and pace with song like‘Sparkling Sun’ down through aptly titled ‘Down’ no puns intended. For those that feel like they’ve jumped down the rabbit hole with this album, stick with it, it won’t hurt…promise.

1. Never Danced Sober
2. Higher
3. Sparkling Sun
4. Going Home
5. Violet Haze
6. Better Than I
7. Down
8. Kings and Queens
9. World
10. A House of Our Own
11. Once

Members/Instruments: Mattias Cederstam (vocals, bass), Robert Barrefelt
(guitars), Leon Lindström (backing vocals, guitars), Jonas Ellenberg
Production: Produced by: Pecka Hammarstedt at Olga Studio and Mattias
Cederstam at Slim Loris Studio. Mixed by Pecka Hammarstedt at Olga
Studio. Mastered by Jonas Ekström at Mastertone.  Photo and Concept:
Mikael Ribeiro at Rocket Studio

Release date: 05/19/2015

If you enjoy a groovy indie folk sound with an occasional up tick of rock, Slim Loris is one to add to your collection right next to Bon Iver, Blur, Fleetwood Mac and Arcade Fire.

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