Songs That Put You In Your Feelings (And Keep You There)

Alas, the final days of summer have arrived and soon enough the school year will be here (I start Tuesday). Its a very emotional time for students across the world; no more late nights, beach days, or spontaneous road trips. Instead life is going to filled with uncomfortably cold classrooms, that one notebook you keep for every subject, and an absence of parking spaces when you have 10 minutes left to get class sort of on time. While you mourn the end of summer, I’ve compiled a list of songs that bring on the feels hard body.

For those of you who don’t know what “the feels” are, heres what Urban Dictionary has to say.


1. Drenge- Fuckabout


As someone who finds themselves crying at least 2x a week, this song is a real tearjerker. The british family dou hit you where it hurts with lines like “When words get stuck in your throat…” and the final line “I don’t give a fuck about people in love, they don’t piss me off, they just make me give up” I found myself sitting in silence in the dark cave that doubles as my bedroom. Saw these dudes play the Knitting Factory a few months ago and everyone in the room sang along to the sad kid anthem at the very end.

2. Drake – Marvin’s Room (And all it’s subsequent covers)


I wish I could’ve included EVERY cover of this song (especially the JoJo cover), but then this article would be almost TOO sad. Drake has the ability to have you thinking about your ex from middle school or that girl you kissed once at summer camp who lived too far away for you to keep in contact. This song has definitely inspired late night drunk phone calls and voice messages all over the world. However if Drake was to drunk dial me late at night… I wouldn’t hang up.

3. Jhene Aiko- Comfort Inn Ending

This song is dedicated to all the girls who mess with bad-boy types because “he’s really different around me, I think I can change him.” and proceed to get their heart broken. Aiko offers solid advice in the opening line of the song, “Thought I told you not to trust these hoes…”. I almost lost my shit after hearing that first line because it had me thinking about all the times I fucked up and didn’t listen to the good advice my friends had for me. The video is super cool because essentially Jhene and her friend Krissy emotionally key an ex-lover’s car and then have a shit talking session right after. True friendship.

4. Tickle Me Pink- Typical

The year was 2007. Neon, snake bites, and straightened hair was in. So was Tickle Me Pink. The first track off their debut album Madeline was THE break-up song of the late 2000’s. Back when “emo” was still cool (or was it?) I bumped this song the first time I ever got my heart smashed.

5.  Say Anything- Hate Everyone

Fewer bands can write hate anthems better than Say Anything. Max Bemis’  tune about being the angriest boy in the world details his entire existence and how he’s always hated everyone. His clever lyrics and a few lines about his own personal setbacks make for a great hate anthem. What’s even more amusing about this track is that it’s set to a catchy pop-rock song. We salute you Max Bemis for keeping it 3hunna.

6. Death Cab For Cutie- I Will Follow You Into the Dark

I’m ending this list with a throwback. Indie sensations Death Cab For Cutie had everyone sobbing rivers of tears when they released this song. The track is about someone at the end of their life and that they don’t want this particular person to go into the next life alone. Whether its a friend, family member, or pet that died this song envokes a lot of emotion and will probably have you feeling down for the next day or two.

What songs not mentioned here put YOU in your feelings? Let us know!

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