Struggle with God Free Stoner Metal Workout

Lid Curtain

Struggle With God

Independent Release, 2012

Struggle with God offers up this Name your own Price release, and it’s a juggernaut.

“Ennocturned” is bear of song that’s feels like it’s about to get away from the band at any moment, but they manage to keep it reigned in.

“Celestial Bodies” and “Gates of Lust and Hatred are both epic length numbers and there’s something about them that reminds me of Pantera and other southern metal acts. It’s something subtle and hard to pinpoint, but Struggle with God, they Don’t dwell in the Land o f monotonous Doom and sludge and don’t travel the tedious roads of thrash either.

Their variety of metal is refreshing and seems purposefully pissed off.  
A breathe of fresh metal air, as it were.

“Lid Curtain” is a dark witchy bit of psychadelia. It feels like the band is tooling around with distortion and re-scoring soundtracks while watching 1970′s horror films, of people being chased through dark woods. You know it’ll end badly for someone, maybe for everyone.

And the band?

They go on to score another film, because we, the audience, are lucky like that.

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