Super Size Seven Instantly Likable

Midwestern bands tend to be reliably unpretentious and Iowa’s Super Size Seven are true to form.  It would be disingenuous to merely label this band as another pop-punk band because, while they cover the medium well, Super Size Seven are much, much more than that.

They start things off with a strong radio friendly sort of hooky crunch-pop, song “Idiot,” who’s easy charms are overpowering and good natured. With the great refrain of, “I’m not so special after all,” the band gives you plenty of places to latch onto. And because of the pop-punk vibe, there will be obvious comparisons to certain commercial acts which I’ll forgo here.

“Breakdown” continues with fun snarky lyrics and is the sort of song Cheap Trick would have churned out on their best day of pre-production for Dream Police. The guitar lead is sweetly heady and turns in on itself unexpectedly.

So after 2 back to back songs of similar stripe, they make a sharp left turn.  “The Ride” has darkly enticing guitars, tormented melodies, and with a sneer, they acknowledge there are more colors on their palette than you’d readily expect.

“Punk Junky” is a fitting sequel to the Dead Milkmen’s “Punk Rock Girl” about a love and/or obsession with another that’s not always easy to explain.

“Oh No,” “Whoa Song,” and “It’s Always About You,” are all stand out tracks on this collection of songs that are all substantial from start to finish. This is well crafted, deftly executed and the soundtrack to your next party. Every last song on here is radio ready, and again, because they from Iowa, incredibly likable. And what if you don’t like golden tones of Super Size Seven? Then clearly you’re the one with the problem.

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