Tanya and Dorise: Cooking Up Some Good Music

The French Quarter is a place saturated with spicy aromas and constant sounds of jazz and blues. Its blend of restaurants, boutiques, and fresh markets attract people of all ethnicities from all over the world. There is literally a musician or vocal artist on every corner for more than 15 blocks. During a recent trip to my hometown, New Orleans, LA, I walked through the French Quarter with some family and friends for old-time sake. As I past the coffee shop on the corner of Decatur St., I heard a very familiar song being played on an untraditional instrument—Hotel California on an electric violin with the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar. The song stopped me in my tracks, as if I was hearing it for the very first time. The music sound so new—so…refreshing! I lured my family and friends over to the corner where the duo was showcasing their talent among other bystanders. Fifteen minutes had past, then twenty, then thirty. We didn’t even realize we had been standing in one spot for more than a half-hour. The performance was truely hypnotizing. My dad, a guitarist himself, pitched over $15 and purchased the duo’s cd on the spot.

I soon learned that we were listening to the sounds of Tanya and Dorise. Natives of New York, the duo travels around the world, typically performing in large tourists areas. They have made New Orleans their home for the summer of 2010. Doris, the guitarist can also sing, tap dance, and play drums and keys. She is described as a woman with “endless invention”, and loves to switch it up between acoustic and electric guitar. Tanya, the violinist is the more “laid-back” group member who would rather “watch fish tanks than movies”, but she does not hesitate at all to make her violin scream in front of large crowds. Together, the duo creates music that is reminiscent of New Orleans gumbo; its ingredients: rock, alternative, soul, jazz, blues, and bluegrass. Their playlist has something for everybody, from “Stairway to Heaven” to “Just a Girl”. Regardless of the song, this duo proves not to be your ordinary music group in that they add a pinch of their own style: a dash of Tanya, and a spoonful of Dorise. Check out the recipe for this “musical gumho” for yourself atwww.tanyandorise.com

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