The Academy Is… Announces Reunion Tour

This weekend at Riotfest, the former members of the Fueled By Ramen-core band The Academy Is… reunited in commemoration of the 10 year anniversary of their debut album Almost Here. They played the album in its entirety to the Chicago crowd before announcing that they’re reuniting for a tour.

Is it surprising?


Not only is the nostalgic sound of the Fueled By Ramen days back with a vengence, but fans, like myself, have been pushing for this since the group disbanded in 2011. Vocalist William Beckett branched out into his solo act, while bassist Adam T. Siska joined Say Anything. While specific dates and ticket sale times have not been announced, it is expected to be released soon.

No word on whether or not this means TAI TV is also making a comeback…. TROO fans will know what Imean

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