The Boston Boys

A little blues, a touch of deep south gospel influence perhaps and whole lot of electrified soul……The Boston Boys caught my attention with a jolt (slide guitar has that effect) of which the song “Satisfied” makes it a showpiece. “Satisfied” off their upcoming October 8th 2013 , EP  Keep You Satisfied, is a different sound to my ears . An introduction to a  musical category known as Future Roots for me, a category so named for the new take on sound grounded in musical tradition.

Boston bred, The Boston Boys came together as a quartet in music school, the Berklee School of Music to be specific, in Boston, Mass back in the mid  ’00’s. The band forms with Eric Robertson- mandolin, guitar and vocals, Duncan Wiekel- fiddle, vocals, Josh Hari on bass and vocals, and Nicolas Falk rounding them out on drums, percussion and vocals as well.

Given the national stage and exposure you can’t buy, The Boston Boys performed as part of a select group of bands, which performed during the campaign to re-elect President Obama. Staying with the national tone the Boys’ are committed to music education here in the U.S. and abroad. The Boys’ have toured with the sponsorship of the American Music Abroad program and the U.S. State Department.

I had no preconceived idea about them and never thought I would consider the addition of electrified folksy music to my musical tastes. Growth is good, appreciation for styles other than popular music is even better.

The Boston Boy’s EP Keep You Satisfied  is available for streaming on their Bandcamp page.


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