The Como Brothers to Release Their Newest Album

If you are living in New York (and not under a rock), you must have heard of the dynamic duo: The Como Brothers. The Como Brothers have been featured on popular shows such as  E! Network’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, MTV’s Real World Portland & St. Thomas, and Oxygen Channel’s Best Ink! The Como Brothers have also supported acts on tour such as PJ Morton (Current keyboardist of Maroon 5), The Wallflowers, American Idol winner David Cook, Howie Day, Ryan Beatty, Sam Woolf & Alex Preston (American Idol finalists) and YouTube sensation Tyler Ward! That sounds great and all but how do these guys sound? Let me tell you, these brothers play pop/rock songs like you have never heard before! These guys keep the catchy, pop feel but with actual musicality. Each song keeps the guitar influenced theme with a different feel every time. The lead singer is on pitch every time and the drums keep the song upbeat and pleasing to the ear.

The Como Brother’s newest album to be released entitled “Imagination” is one of their best yet. It features toe-tapping songs with many different influences. This is probably one the most diverse albums that these guys have ever created. One song is more of a slow piano feature with many diminished chord changes. The way that they added the diminished chords sporadically throughout really “tugs on the heart strings”. One of the other songs is an exact opposite reminding me of a John Mayer tune. All of these guys’ songs sound different which makes listening to a full album fun and keeps you guessing. Even if you aren’t down for listening to a pop song, the Como Brothers have a way of drawing you in. What is their secret? The answer is simply: rests. There are vocal breaks on almost every song. Just when you thought that you heard the chorus enough times, the whole band drops out leaving either just the vocalist or the vocalist and the drummer. This adds what is called “Melodic variation”. Melodic variation makes your ear shift and forces your brain to listen to the melody from a different perspective. Once the break is over and the band comes back in, you feel as though the chorus is completely different because your ear heard it in a way previously. This effective technique is best learned by hearing it.

After listening to this whole album from start to finish, I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best albums that these guys put out. It features all different melodies and style and keeps you guessing. All of the musicians in the group are A-list, top dogs in the industry and have worked with musicians such as the John Mayer Trio, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. The new album, “Imagination” is available for pre-order on iTunes now and will be officially released on August 10th, 2015. In the meantime, check out their previous singles and albums on their Soundcloud (Below) and iTunes!

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