The ‘Man Of God’

l_5c88ebbc3c31c8f0c0d5b203b06941201-231x300“An eclectically talented, introverted child, transformed into an outgoing speaker for Jesus in front of hundreds” is the closest thing to a single quote that can encompass the life of Daniel “D.Royul” Cody. With a life that almost did not see three years, D.Royul has transformed his life story into a platform to spread the message of Jesus Christ–which in turn is expressed whole heartedly through his music.

D.Royul was hospitalized for the first few years of his life in intensive care, and was not believed to have survived past three years old with serious complications with asthma. He calls it an act of God that he is even alive today. “I give all credit to God for the talents I have. If I didn’t, He could easily take them away, and I’m grateful for all He gave me”, D.Royul says. Having never taken a music lesson, he has been playing drums all of his life, and taught himself how to play the bass guitar and the piano. Living in the suburbs was not as hard as his counterparts who lived in urban neighborhoods, but being a single parent was especially hard on him. “I was usually alone, so I couldn’t ask anyone for help with things, so I just did it myself”.

100_0708-300x225As a budding musician, he cultivated his musical ability at Clear View Baptist Church, his home church in Newark, New Jersey, playing drums and bass for concerts. His love for music grew with each hour he practiced an instrument–to the point where he began to fulfill his interest in music production. His cousin, Matt Cody (member/producer of DC rap group, Howhood University), led him to the Macintosh computers which allowed D.Royul to delve into amateur production. Practice made perfect as his skills grew exponentially over the course of a year, so much so that people were asking him to produce tracks for their own projects. “There was a time that on my birthday I skipped all my classes to work on music. “I got that involved in the creation process that I was always pushing myself to do better than my last production”. It was at this moment that D.Royul made a decision.

“I decided, if its not about Jesus or some form of worshiping God, I’m not doing it. I know what I’ve been through, I should be dead today, but God allowed me to live to make sure I worship Him in anything I do, especially music”. Searching for a school which would allow him to culltivate his direction in music, D.Royul found Bloomfield College. There, he met up with multiple opportunities to intern in the music industry with EMI Music group, Blue Note Label Group, as well as connect with Gospel singer Bryant Barnett, gospel rappers B-Luv, Ashtronomix, and producer/engineers “the Engineers”. They supported his vision to create music fully in Christ and work for the kingdom of God. As his final project, D.Royul was challenged to make an album that was of studio quality, which was something he had never done up until that point. “I always considered myself a producer, I never wanted to be in the forefront. I wanted to support other peoples works.” On top of that, D.Royul was coming to a turning point in a 13 year addiction to pornography. “It was a shame I carried with me everywhere, especially being the son of a pastor. I was freed from the addiction, but the shame was still there.” That’s when it hit him: Use his own testimony as inspiration to write songs for the album.

In February 2010, D.Royul released his first album, Story Of A M.O.G, on iTunes, Amazon, and multiple other digital distributors. “I praise God for the opportunities I have and the ones that are yet to come. I only wanted to be a producer originally, but now I have my own album! On itunes nonetheless! I’m grateful because some people have been doing this for years and can’t say some of the things I can about my music career.” His first album was released on his own production company label, Man of God Productions, which recently became an official trademarked company.

With support from family, friends, and the Holy Spirit leading him, there. By the end of the summer, he is slated to have a mixtape completed, just in time to start recording for his second album. “I’m excited for the ministry of music God has given me. All songs I write, I feel him take over, because I never wrote lyrics until last year–and now I can’t stop”. Ministering and traveling around the world has become his new job, and he is loving every minute of it. The world awaits the next chapter in the Story of the life of this M.O.G

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