The Multi-Talented Alyson Greenfield

There’s so much to say about Alyson Greenfield that it’s difficult to know where to begin. This well-rounded musician writes her own music and produces it in the studio of her Brooklyn apartment. She possesses an MFA in Creative Writing, is the co-author of a short film, a short story writer, and even has an all-natural rosemary-peppermint soap bar named after her! She’s previously been a high school teacher, a tolerance educator, and a university instructor and is the founder of the Tinderbox Music Festival; an annual festival that features female musicians. Even with all of her accomplishments she hasn’t fallen into any categories or labels, especially when it comes to her music. She, herself describes her music as “folk electric hip hop.” There’s no doubt Greenfield is unique and bringing something different to the music scene that will make her stand out from everything you may be used to hearing.
Throughout her short career as a one-woman band, she’s displayed many of her talents and personality. As a young girl, she had to beg her parents to allow her to receive piano lessons, took guitar lessons for a year in middle school, and now is willing to experiment with any instrument she can get her hands on. She’s especially been noted for her use of the glockenspiel in many of her covers, including Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.”
Greenfield has Shakira-thick vocals and at times strikes some resemblance with Alanis Morissette’s singing style. Overall though, Greenfield has a style all her own. She lists Tori Amos, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Bjork, and Radiohead as her influences. The music itself has a solid piano base with some guitar and electric tones that accent her voice on top. She also adds some rhythmic drums to her songs. Even though her songs are written for multiple instruments, Greenfield performs alone live. But don’t worry, she doesn’t leave out any instruments because she’s by herself. She plays them all! She’s also been noted for her lively and vivid performances and personality on stage.

In 2006, Greenfield released her debut album titled “Six Songs” which not surprisingly consisted of six songs. Her next album called “Tuscaloosa” was released in 2008 followed by her next EP “Only Silence” in early 2011. Greenfield is using the sales of “Only Silence” to produce her covers album and to begin her new CD. In other words, Greenfield has created a fundraiser for herself proving not only is she talented, but a smart business woman as well.
There’s no doubt, there is much to be anticipated from Alyson Greenfield in the future.

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