Green Goblyn Project Reforms

On Halloween, a great many things come back to life, if only for a little while. This year, Green Goblyn Project can be included among them.

GGP was a Brevard County musical mainstay for more than 10 years, until they disbanded in 2010.  The original line-up will be re-animated to walk in the world of the living for one more evening on All Hallows Eve at the Hippodrome inCocoa. Travis, Mierd, Chris, and Sparky, no strangers to singing about creepy things that go bump in the night, are horror punk through and through, all the way through their worm eaten flesh down to their brittle, dry bones.

In the past the band had opened for national acts ranging from The Subhumans, Hot Water Music, The Casualties, A Global Threat, The Groovie Ghoulies, Los Straight Jackets, Agent Orange, and toured with Leftover Crack.

The band leaves an extensive discography with several full length CD’s, EP’s, 7 inches and have appeared on more compilation discs than one would think possible.

Also performing this evening are Wolfy Lonesome, with their unique blend of extra reverb-ed punk and country or country and punk.  Damion Suomi is also schedule to perform this evening, offering his own exceptional perspective on contemporary life and living.

At this time the GGP  has no plans for a permanent reunion, so those wishing to be nostalgic need to take advantage of this rarest of apparitions, as they take human form once again and walk among the living, however briefly.

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