Tiger Blanket Records Vintage Clothing Boutique

It’s easy to say that music and fashion go hand in hand when walking into Emmy Wildwood’s Tiger Blanket Records Vintage Clothing Boutique in 421 Graham Ave. in Williamsburg. Its an instant feeling relaxation as Emmy’s band Velta plays within the cozy yellow walls that held racks filled with flannels and vintage band shirts.  Emmy Wildwood’s Tiger Blanket Records provides an awesome number of inexpensive men and women’s vintage jeans, dresses, and awesome accessories all chosen buy Emmy herself.  Emmy has also been playing music with her band Velta, who gave a performance at The Boutique. I got a chance to meet Emmy and her band Velta at her grand opening.

SE: When you were younger, you gave up your old clothing store Hang Up to pursue your music career, what was that like?

EMMY: I was very proud of my work in starting The Hang Up. But the time came where I couldn’t wait to move to New York for one more minute. It became very clear that I had to be close to the city to keep acquiring music opportunities and music has always been the number one priority. Everything I work at is so that I can keep playing music.

SE: Explain your shops vibe and how it reflects your personal style.

EMMY: My shop has an American meets Glam Rock vibe. I have always been the kind of girl who can wear jeans and a t-shirt one day and then put on a ruffled tulle prom dress the next. One thing never changes, I’ve always got on red lipstick.

SE: Do you have any favorite pieces in the shop?

EMMY: My favorite piece in the shop is probably an Anthrax tour shirt from 85. Its ridiculously soft and the graphics are gorey old cartoons. Its pretty fun to wear t-shirts like that with sequin high heels.

SE: Are there any goals that you have for your boutique in the future? Maybe more boutiques in other locations?

EMMY: I hope to have a second location someday but for now the focus is on putting out records for the bands on the label end. We’ll revisit the idea of expanding in a year or so.

SE: What item could you always count on finding at Tiger Blanket Records?

EMMY: You can always count on finding a beautiful dress or a motor cycle jacket.

If you live in NYC, Tiger Blanket Records Vintage Clothing Boutique is a definite shop to check out. From belts, to red lipstick to fur coats, you’ll find some awesome items at dope prices.  Also, be sure to check out Tiger Blanket Records’ awesome band Velta, which Sonic Eclectic is happy to feature!






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