Tomas Doncker Band W/Yusef Komunyakaa “Big Apple Blues”

An important influencer on New York’s underground “No Wave” music scene in the 80’s….Tomas Donckerand his band have toured internationally with jazz pianist Masubumi Kikuchi.  He has worked with songwriting greats like Boosty Collins, Bonnie Raitt, Ivan Neville,even John Lennon’s widow Yoko Onomelded lyrical minds with Tomas.

Continuing in his tradition of working with A list caliber artists, The Tomas Doncker Band has released a collaborative album with Pulitzer Prize wining poet Yusef Komunyakaa …..“Big Apple Blues.”

“Big Apple Blues”  is a series of musical short stories( if you will indulge me a bit) about New York City and it’s people, places and the unique experiences found on it’s streets.

Stepping into 2014 with “Big Apples Blues” a follow up to the well received album “Moanin’ At Midnight”,the ten track album, lyrically espouses on the plight of the average working man with the track “The New Days.”

The album was officially released for public consumption during The Dodge Poetry Festival (Oct 23-26, 2014)……held with support/sponsorship of The Geraldine R Dodge Foundation.

Every track on “Big Apple Blues” delivers joy with jazzy ,blues musicianship and poet Komunyakaa’s work his magic with wordsmith prowess. Track one “Big Apple Blues” throws open the album to the listener….pouring out energy that is embracing you and takes you through a musical journey. Come along on this journey…..Tomas Doncker and his cadre are inviting you on a journey that celebrates the city that never sleeps.

“Big Apple Blues” released on October, 21, 2014

Listen for yourself:

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