Twisted In Graves Twist The Night Away

Twisted In Graves

Twisted In Graves EP

Independent Release, 2013

St. Augustine, Florida’s Twisted in Graves know a thing or two about spooky, living in a town where the dead have so much to say. I think St. Augustine holds the record for largest number of ghost tours available per capita of any historical city in America and some of this has apparently rubbed off on our undead crooners.

This four song EP kicks off strong with “I Wish my Girlfriend Was a Zombie,” which has some chunka – chunka muted chord metal touches before revealing it’s psychobilly colors. Personally, I don’t think there’s a man this side of the grave who hasn’t felt this was about his woman at least once.

“On the Run,” is a great bit of outlaw storytelling in the vein of Johnny Cash where people die and killers hide. “Psychobilly Scumbag,” has some tasty guitar leads that’s worth the price of admission. It’s also the natural follow up to “On the Run,” because, what other sort of confession do you want from someone this side of the law?

“Madam,” is a slower grind of tune, with manic bursts of pleading from singer Mike Twisted.

This feels like Halloween came early, but that’s o-k. Dirty, greasy fun with the smell of freshly turned earth is always welcome when it done like this.

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